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Doctor Doctor

by Catherine Stewart

The corridors are rife with tumbling troupes of medical staff spouting knowledge, nuns on a mission from God, board members more concerned with snacks than salaries, and clowns trying to provide their best medicine. All the while patients are searching for a way to survive in a system that strips them of their humanity. Who can they turn to if the hospital itself can’t remain healthy?

Pain(t) Web.png

paint [t]

by Will Murdock | Directed by Christopher Savage

Before the accident, painting was the only way for Rawls to feel himself, the only way for him to understand the world. Every flick of the wrist or drag of the brush told part of his story. Now his wrist won't move, and he doesn't know what comes next. He doesn't know who he is. And while he tries to see the world in black and white... he can't keep the colors from creeping. 



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Spring Gala

and "pain[t]"

April 23

Players' Ring Theatre

Gingerbread Lady Web.png

The Gingerbread Lady

By Neil Simon

May 5 – 21

Players' Ring Theatre

The Stands web.png

The Stands

by Jack Neary

May 26 – June 11

Players' Ring Theatre

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10% Discount and Free Parking at

The Puddle Dock Restaurant

Our neighbor The Puddle Duck Restaurant is offering a 10% discount on food and free parking (when available) for the duration of the show to Players' Ring patrons. Click the link below to make a reservation, and present your ticket (printed or on your phone) when you ask for your check.

Puddle Dock is open Friday through Tuesday, 4:30pm - 9pm

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