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The Ring Readers’ Club was established two years ago to engage audiences in reading and discussing new plays and to offer valuable feedback to playwrights as they refined their work.  Now, the Ring Reader’s Club has been expanded into the Ring-Works program.  


Here’s how it works. 


An original play from the Ring Toss (the annual submission pitch event) will be sent to Ring-Works members and approximately three weeks later, a discussion with the playwright will be conducted.  Then, a few weeks later, a staged reading and discussion of the play will occur at the Ring.  This process gives audience members and playwrights the opportunity to read and hear the piece, so important to its development.


With 56 plays submitted at this year’s Ring Toss for only 10 slots in the 2022-2023 season, the selection process was particularly challenging.  The evaluators identified eight particularly strong plays that would benefit from the Ring-Works process and that would strongly appeal to our audience members.  They are:


  • “The World Was Yours” by William Ivers 

  • “Water’s Rising” by Justine Wiesinger

  • “Queen of the Coast” by Margie Semilof

  • “Double Exposure” by Robert Mackenzie

  • “Coney Island Nursery Rhyme” by Lubomir Rzepka

  • “America America” by Joanie Osborn

  • “Masked” by Glynn Cosker

  • “What’s Coming” by Emily


The plays will be presented over the course of the 2022-2023 season.  


If you are a theatre lover and wish to be involved in the discussion about the plays over Zoom, please sign up below. 

If you are a playwright and you think your work could benefit from a discussion and staged reading, please reach out to


AMERICA AMERICA - Joanie Bigwood

Discussion - January 24th @ 6:00p on Zoom

Staged Reading - Tuesday, February 14th @ 7:00p at the Ring


WHAT’S COMING? - Emily Andrews

Discussion - Thursday, February 2nd  @ 6:00p on Zoom

Staged Reading - February 21st @ 7:00p at the Ring

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