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A Whimsical Musical in Wonderland

May 24 – June 2

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Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm
Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30pm

General Admission: $31

Students / Seniors (65+): $28

Children (under 12): $18

This show is not included in our subscription packages.

Our neighbor "The Puddle Dock" restaurant and its sister restaurant "Tour" on Lafayette Road, are both offering a 10% discount on food to Players' Ring patrons! Visit their websites to reserve, and present your ticket when you ask for your check.



Based on the books by Lewis Carroll
Adapted and Directed by Miles Burns and Joshua Goldberg
Co-Produced by Upside Arts

On a golden afternoon in 1862, Charles Dodgson- known forever to the world as Lewis Carroll- took Alice Liddell and her sisters for a boat ride and picnic, and "thus grew the tale of Wonderland." Lost in Wonderland, Alice navigates the sometimes-frivolous-sometimes-frightening landscape, and the confusing space between childhood and adulthood that's filled with madness, Jabberwockys, and impossible things. Will she ever find a way back to her golden afternoon, and finally discover an answer to the Caterpillar’s question, “Who are you?"

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