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April 9 - 25

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Deborah Anderson – Jennifer Decker
Dr. Ashworth – Justin MacDougall
Ms. Owens – Katelyn Tustin


Director – Jay MacDougall
Stage Manager – Elizabeth Wickander
Video and Sound – Patrick Dorow
Producer – Mark Anderson


By Deborah Cote Anderson & Roland H Robinson

“TIMELINE” provides critical insight into the odyssey of a middle-aged woman, participating in individual therapy sessions. Facilitated by Dr. Ashworth, these therapeutic sessions provide an ideal environment for her to explore childhood memories, adult-related milestones, and the inevitability of death. Dr. Ashworth’s receptionist is the third cast member. Individual therapy sessions are replete with humor, vulnerability and an exploration of pathways to healing. A reoccurring theme of resilience presents throughout the play. What memories do you need to confront? Where are you along your timeline?

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