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Jonathan Harrington

19th Century Magician

February 23 – 25

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Fridays and Saturday at 7:30pm
Saturday and Sunday at 2:30pm

General Admission: $28

Students / Seniors (65+): $25

This show is not included in our subscription packages.

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Jonathan Harrington - 19th Century Magician

Performed by Andrew Pinard
Produced by Absolutely Magic


Walk back in time with Andrew Pinard performing as nineteenth-century magician JONATHAN HARRINGTON (1811-1881). Born in Boston, Harrington, one of the earliest American magicians, began his performing career as a ventriloquist in 1826. His shows became increasingly focused on magic and he performed throughout New England with additional trips to Philadelphia, as well as forays to the South and West. At one time, he was signed by P.T. Barnum to present his magic and mimicry at the Aquarial Gardens.

In character and period costume, Pinard will present mysteries and wonders from the nineteenth century often with the assistance of audience members. As Harrington proclaimed: “Prof. Harrington will exhibit the whole of his grand, extensive and original apparatus. A Rare, Unexcelled Entertainment for a small admission. Every piece featured shall be Chaste, Moral, and Amusing.”


Will consist of some New and Marvellous Experiments, never before attempted in this place:

The Philosophical Paper

Strange Feat with a Ball of Stocking Yarn!

Mysterious Cups; Or, A Hint to Farmers

The Egg Market; Or, Lunch on the Wing

THE Incomprehensible Money

The Great Inexhaustible Pitcher

As Harrington noted one broadside: “Remember, this is a reliable, legitimate Entertainment for Old and Young, and not to be confounded with other floating trash.”


Andrew Pinard has been performing full-time since 1991. His re-creation of Jonathan Harrington’s performances are based on extensive research of both Harrington’s work but also conjuring literature of the period that would be available at the time. Pinard has presented on the Harrington show through New England and at a prestigious history conference in Montreal in 2017. His detailed history of Jonathan Harrington and his place in history was published in the international journal MAGICOL in April of 2018. Pinard is the recipient of numerous Best of NH awards from New Hampshire Magazine (2000, 2002, 2009, 2015, 2016, 2022). He has performed his contemporary sleight-of-hand show, Discovering Magic, in monthly appearances and special residencies for over a decade. He is also founder and executive director of Hatbox Theatre in Concord, NH.

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