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The Stands

A Devastating New Drama

May 26 – June 11

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Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm
Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30pm

*On Friday June 2nd, option for a VIP Admission for the Ring Spring Gala, but regular tickets also available. 

General Admission: $27

Students / Seniors (65+): $24

Our neighbor "Puddle Dock" restaurant is offering a 10% discount on food and free parking to Players' Ring patrons! Visit their website to reserve, and present your ticket when you ask for your check.


"To say we LOVED The Stands is to put it mildly. We thoroughly enjoyed the acting, the presentation of a relevant topic, and the script. It was witty, poignant and funny. We haven't stopped talking about it, and will definitely tell everyone not to miss this great performance at the Ring!" – Debra Smith

"I had the pleasure of experiencing the catharsis that great theatre gives. Like an ancient Greek citizen, a dramatist in my community held a mirror up to something currently troubling us. It's a Major League script with Little League parents for characters. The actors give championship performances." – Andy Dolan


"Oh, yes; this one is going to getcha good, lead you down a windy path and then deliver the promised smackdown. Most patrons will find themselves uncomfortable somewhere along the line, and deeply affected, though not always by the same character as someone else. Stand is like that, divisive, like its characters." – Jeanne' McCartin



Gena – Trish Aponte

Prissy – Jocelyn Duford

Dale – Kate Gilbert

Tess – Tara Johns

Megan – Ashley Risteen

Frankie – David Sullivan


Director – Jack Neary

Sound, Set & Lighting Design – John Budzyna

Scenic Painter – Kirk Trach

Lighting Consultant – Finn Twitchell

Costume Design – Bonnie Lake

Stage Managers – Deirdre Budzyna & Teri Contino

The Stands

Written and Directed by Jack Neary
Co-Produced with ACTING OUT PRODUCTIONS of Newburyport

Four moms, one grandmother and one dad  huddle together in the chill of a New England Saturday morning as they wait for their kids to begin their first Little League practice of the year. As we get to know them, we’re surprised, entertained and sometimes even shocked by what they have to say. Underneath the delightful banter, however, is the measured revelation of a horrible, life-changing moment they all will share before the end of the play. From the author of the Players’ Ring’s recent hit, Moonglow, comes this stunning, suspenseful story about kids and parents and the shattering power of words.

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