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Mary and Me

US Premiere

October 2 - 18

_Macbeth artwork (1).jpg


Hannah Brennan – Emily Karel


Director – Peter Josephson
Stage Manager – Gina Bowker
Lighting Design – Tayva Young
Set Design/Props – Quentin F. Stockwell
Sound Design – Cormac O’Connor
Artwork – Laura Harper Lake
Costumes – Emily Karel
Dialect – Irene Kelleher

Mary and Me

By Irene Kelleher
Presented by Glass Dove Productions

Ireland 1986. Fifteen year old Hannah begins a series of conversations with a statue of the Virgin Mary in a grotto. Hannah lives in a claustrophobic small town. Sure, she has friends, but no one who understands her, no one she can confide in who will listen to her. And she is going to need a lot of understanding. She is pregnant. Inspired by a true story, Mary and Me is a compellingly original imagining of a young woman’s search for understanding and meaning.

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