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The LOUD & PROUD Drag Show

A Pride-ful Celebration

June 18 at 2:30pm

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Sunday at 2:30pm

General Admission: $17

Our neighbor "Puddle Dock" restaurant is offering a 10% discount on food and free parking to Players' Ring patrons! Visit their website to reserve, and present your ticket when you ask for your check.


Christmas Carol (host)

Giri Spades

Lady CAR


Summer Rhaine

The LOUD & PROUD Drag Show

Brought to you by A Gay Old Time Productions

Bow down… New England's top drag royalty will be presiding over Portsmouth on Sunday, June 18th to join the celebrations for the Proudest Month of the Year! Whether you're looking for a daytime blast of a show, or just wanting round-the-clock Pride, we're kicking off the fun at 2:30pm. Come see live singing and lipsync numbers, served with comedy and a touch of glamour.

Rating PG13:  Suitable for patrons aged 13 years and above!

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