April 23 - May 8



By Jack Neary
Produced by Players' Ring Theatre

It’s 1967. Ray Healy is a music teacher and a marching band leader in his parish.  At 50, he’s single, he’s highly respected, and he leads a quiet life. Arlene Hodge, 45, assists him with the marching band, and would like to get closer to him. She’s heard a rumor that he had been married years ago, but that’s something he never discusses. As one of his students says, Ray is a “big question mark.” Arlene sets out to answer that question, and when she does, she finds herself embroiled in a dilemma she never thought she’d have the courage to confront. But she believes Ray is worth it. Question is, does Ray believe that himself?

Peripheral characters include a funny, smart-as-a-whip music student, plus Ray’s first wife, and a neighborhood mom with a sharp tongue who has her own designs on the music teacher.

It’s a play about choices made at a young age which perhaps irrevocably affect an individual’s later life. The question asked along the way is… what will survive? Love or a man’s strict belief system? In 1967, this was a real question. And, in some ways, it remains a question today.

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm
Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30pm

General Admission: $25
Seniors (65+): $22
Students: $22

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Ray | John Budzyna
Dorothy | Ava Valianti
Arlene | Kimberly Holliday
Clancy | Ashley Risteen
Father Hackett | Tom Hickey
Linda | Kerry Quinn

Directed by Jack Neary
Stage Design: Kirk Trach
Lighting Design: Christian Arnold
Costume Design: Emily Zentis
Stage Management: Deirdre Budzyna and Teri Contino

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